Woman Trek


This Old Land O Mine

Well everything I got I gave awayTo the judge and jury and divineIn this old land O saints and thievesIn this old land O mine And all the ones I started withWeren’t mine to keep nor care forBut they stayed and tried and died for meIn this old land O mine So go ahead and steal his sorry backYou can rob her mild regretAnd if it hasn’t shattered yet, find your mirrorThen find a way to take it back. Then save the ones that should have left...more

The Boutique Shop

In lieu of another excerpt from the never ending novel I’m trying to finish – I thought I’d give y’all an update on what I’ve been doing the past few, um….months?  Wow. Time. I digress to mention how it flies here, just in case there really is someone listening. (My two dads…?)...more

Research Subjects

Blog Post  11/26/2012 I need to start a club.  An “Adult Children of Prolific Gay Men” club.  We’ll be known as the ACOPGM – okay, maybe scratch the word “Prolific.”  ACOGM.  Okay, maybe scratch the word “Men” – too sexist.  ACOG.  Adult Children of Gays.  Hmm…maybe let’s include kids, scratch the word “Adult.”  We’re just “COGs.” ...more

Jesus Christ

Margaret Brandwick-Kearns09:50 -- 26 Feb 2010 UTC-7Submitted by: Lt. Joseph Carmichael The following is a transcript of my interview with Margaret Foley Brandwick-Kearns, female, Age 43. Resident of Young America, Michigan.  Occupation: EducatorMs. Brandwick has come in to give a formal statement on the incident that occurred this past Saturday night, at her apartment complex located at 2610 Hwy 36 just outside Young American Ave. <BEGIN>...more

First Plane Trip

Dr. Laurent’s soothing voice relaxed Margie just enough, without lulling her to sleep. Once she let go, and concentrated on the light of the candle sitting on the coffee table in front of her, she was able to let her mind wander, to the past.  To one of her earliest memories as a child.“Do you like to fly, Margie?”“Yes, on a carpet.”“You like to fly on a magic carpet, that’s good. I want you to remember the first time you ever flew in an airplane, do you remember that Margie?”“Mm..Yes.  I went on a plane, then another plane, then a helicopter.”...more

Video Killed the Radio Star

Margaret Brandwick-Kearns09:50 – 12 Nov 2012 UTC-7Submitted by: Lt. Joseph Carmichael The following is a transcript of my interview with Margaret Foley Brandwick-Kearns, female, Age 43. Resident of Young America, Michigan.  Occupation: UnemployedMs. Brandwick has come in voluntarily to answer questions about a video that Mrs. Robin Okwandi, wife of Romeo Okwandi, PhD student at UP State. Mrs. Okwandi received the video, as well as a note in the mail yesterday. The note and video have been submitted to evidence....more

Fateful Move

Actually, I was happy to move out of that apartment. I had my mother move in the last six months of my lease, to help with the loss of my salary. We were both miserable. My mother is generally a miserable sort, and with me having what she perceived to be “a great life” – she only became more miserable.  But, in general, that apartment cost so much money.  Years later I discovered that my electric bill was handled by a third party because of some spam email that I had received and clicked onto....more


Romeo had been getting in touch with me, randomly, via skype since we met in one of Professor Dingleberry’s online courses a year earlier. I had never met him in person, but tried to be friendly about his chatting.  I had taken the Winter semester off, and went to The Picnic From Hell, (wherein I was treated to some kind of tranquilizer and passed out for five hours) excited to be going back to class that Fall....more


When I got back home, I immediately called the guy I was dating, to recount my horrid little tale.  He seemed appropriately shocked and amused, so I invited him over.I was still sore from rolling around in an icy alley, so it was nice to get a back rub and have some male attention after visiting the bear den. I had met Scottie a few months earlier, on a free dating site. He was quiet and down to Earth, but mostly… he was really, really good in bed.  Which, to be honest, was all I was looking for at the moment....more

Ninja Cat

The next morning I woke up thinking that New Year’s Eve debacle was just a bad dream, and then I tried to stand. Nope.I opened my laptop as I lay on the couch, waiting for everyone to get up.  Facebook has been a shitstorm lately, I thought. The posts were divisive and taunting.  No doubt because of another election coming up, but certainly, the caustic and threatening postings seemed to be, I couldn’t be sure, but “personalized” somehow....more