In This Wonderful Life

I'm a wife, mom to boy/girl twins, daughter, sister & friend. God has blessed me and I'm very thankful! I love all things holidays, decor, crafts, cooking, shipping and home. I love traveling, trying new things and journaling through my blog :)

Monday Musings!

Goodness, things are busy around here! I hope you all had a great weekend!! :) Last week we took Knox & Sloane to see Sesame Street live and it was so much fun! ...more

Computer & Carpet

Two random things, huh? hahaSo, my computer needs cleaned. Does this happen often to anyone else? ...more

Fun on Photo Booth :)

I think these are hilarious. The kids and I were sitting on the couch last week and I grabbed my computer because I thought it would be cute to get a photo booth picture. They went silly and loved it ....more

At Home With Me :)

Today, over on Every Day Cheer, I'm sharing some of the items in my home that are currently my favorite and most used :) ...more

Midweek Randoms :)

Happy Midweek :) I had someone ask last week if I was still doing a link up. I haven't been, but I can. Does anyone out there want to link up with their midweek randoms?? ...more

Pirates & Fairies

It's no secret that we are big Disney fans around here. We can watch any movie at any given time! At the moment, Frozen is the newest and greatest! ...more

Five on Friday!

Linking up for Five on Friday!{ONE}Today, I shared some Jelly Bean Garland I made over on Every Day Cheer :) {TWO}Not only did I make jelly bean garland, I'm making lots of different garlands. I went to the Dollar Tree yesterday. SUCH cute things! ...more

Midweek Randoms

Hope you all are having a good week!Ours is going pretty good besides the fact my allergies are out of control and I fell on the stairs :( Monday, I was home by myself and while carrying some boxes down the stairs, I slipped. I went right up and back down onto my back. It's mostly my left side of lower back/upper booty ....more

Snakes & Sweets

I hope you all had a great weekend!Ours was very nice! My brother and his fiance came in town, from Texas, so we had lots of fun handing out with them!Let's start out with Friday. Here Knox & Sloane are watching my dad kill a snake ....more

Five on Friday!

I hope you all are having a great week! YAY for Friday :) Thought I would link up today for Five on Friday!{ONE}We've had "Spring Break" this week :) We didn't do any trips this year. We are thinking we may start those next Spring Break ....more