Levels, Shame, and Joy . . . Oh, My!

To Do List Clean (really clean) the first levelStraighten the second levelBankGasConsignment ShopEspresso Beans at A New Day BakeryDrop note with tin of cookies at Blatters  Dear Mr. and Mrs....more

Prince of a Guy

Some gal wrote a book that says every girl wants to be swept off her feet, rescued, a bride. I never did. There's a picture of me when I was little, at a toy ironing board, in a dress-up wedding gown. My mom must’ve made me do it, probably tickled me at the last minute to get me to grin. That was never my dream. I was like the dentist elf in “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.” I wanted to be in-de-pen-dent....more

The List

What was that? I slowed slightly, turned off my car stereo, listened. Nothing. I flipped down the rearview mirror. Blue and red lights flashed. I rolled out my lower lip. Again? Twice in one day? Really?              After I maneuvered my car into someone’s yard, I rolled down my window and watched his approach in my side mirror.             "Is that you, sweet boy?"...more

Take It Back

The phone rang.            “Hello?”            “My doctor thinks it’s Parkinson’s.”            The five words travelled across my Eustachian tubes, dropped behind my uvula, and tumbled through my esophagus into my duodenum.            “Oh.”            “Will you dri...more

The Last to Know

“Your dad’s tennis partner introduced us. He told George there’s someone you have to meet. That someone was me.” Mom’s face was wide and open, lit by the after lunch sun.            I felt my nose scrunch up. “Why did no one tell me Dad played tennis? I played tennis.”            “After our first date, I told my mother, ‘I’m going to marry that man.’ Mother said, ‘What? You can’t know ...more

All in the Family

My oldest brother rested his hand on my shoulder. “Want my paper route? Since I leave for college in August? The tips are great.”            I nibbled a fingernail. Regular spending money? Something to do besides watch Gilligan’s Island every afternoon, Monday through Friday?            I grinned....more
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Dead Man Walking

I was standing in line at the bakery waiting to purchase recently roasted espresso beans when I recognized him, sort of. With those giant, super blue eyes, I thought, he has to be related to Charles, has to. Maybe he’s his dad. No, this guy isn’t that old, must be his brother. Wonder what he’s doing here in town, now that Charles is               I assumed the woman beside him was his wife....more

Imagine Me and You, and You and Me, So Together

1) If you could tell me something, anything, what would you say? Whisper it right now please, into the pale pink folds of my ear. Afterward I will press imaginary snaps on my upper and lower lips and conceal your secret forever. Or if you prefer, write it on parchment with a fountain pen and hand-deliver or mail it to me. I’ll read the words and burn them immediately, inhaling the smoke till I cough. 2) If you were to show me something, what might it be? I’m holding out my hand because I want you to take me there. Or, draw a picture of it....more

Alive and Kicking

He had informed me on-line he was not long for this world but when I saw him for the first time in thirty years I thought surely he had lied. The only evidence he'd spoken the truth was the hospital bed in the dining room....more
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*Forever Changed"

On the steering wheel, my husband’s knuckles shown white. I leaned forward to watch the pink dawn illuminate the Cincinnati skyline.            He glanced over. “May I speed?”            I winced and nodded. “I reckon this is the only time you can.”            He snickered as he ran a red light. I stared out the window and murmured....more