Laura Plouzek

hello there friends.


My name is laura and I am a maker, a mama, a cookie baker, and a bike rider.  I used to be a high school art teacher (and loved it) and then I fell in love with a piano-playing-bow-tie-wearing-motorcycle-riding gentleman who also happened to be a sailor.  We're married with two kiddos (Jack Danger & Ginger Darling) now and I run my little business making bow ties and journals out of our living room.  I like chocolate ganache, thrifting, pom-poms, journal-keeping, photography, and stripey socks.

see what I'm up to here:

Recipe for Mexican Hot Cocoa

I heard that National Hot Cocoa Day was earlier this month. The husband and I love Abuelita but we wanted to make our own version since we're all about making things ourselves. Our masterpiece of a recipe and the way that we made little individual servings to send out to our family follows. ...more

You had me at the adorable packaging! I never have the patience to wait for the block of ...more