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My name is Elizabeth Periale. I am an artist, blogger, and culture critic. I write about movies, books, television, pop culture—old and new—with a feminine/feminist perspective. Sometimes I post pictures of the kid, too.

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favorite song friday: tennis court

Wunderkind Lorde keeps up her winning streak with her latest single, "Tennis Court." It's minimalist, funky, and fun. I love it ....more

throwback thursday: life's a beach

Some more vintage family photos from the Jersey Shore. Getting myself in the mood for our upcoming vacation. My great grandmother Paola, second from the left, c ....more

rip paul mazursky

Director Paul Mazursky passed way last week, at the age of 84. Whenever I hear his name I inevitably think of classic films of the '70s, although his work spanned the '60s to the '00s.Mazursky wrote and directed two of my favorite films, An Unmarried Woman and Down and Out in Beverly Hills. Both movies play with crushing, from both inside and out, the idea of American life that we have constructed for ourselves — marriage, sex, status, homes, possessions ....more

last weekend, continued ...

I covered our trip to the local comic con yesterday, but wanted to share a few more pix from what turned out to be a fun, long, weekend. I really love this park sculpture/planter in downtown Miami Beach A hole in the clouds as the bad weather passed us by An Impressionistic shot of the Intracoastal, post-fireworks The kid had fun with sparklers on our porch ...more

baby's first comic con

The kid and I attended the Florida Supercon this weekend and had a blast. We saw some famous folks, some amazingly creative cosplay, and lots and lots of stuff that celebrates the larger and larger world that is all things geek these days. While everyone expects science fiction, anime, and fantasy to be represented by all things manga and Star Wars and Star Trek and Game of Thrones, I had to admit to being surprised to also see emissaries from such worlds as Spongebob Squarepants and Monty Python and the Holy Grail ....more

favorite song friday: boom clap

I'm not a big fan of doctor shows or young-teens-who-are-dying love stories, so I gave the film The Fault in Our Stars a miss. But I have to admit that I really like this song, "Boom Clap," from the movie, by Charli XCX. The title also seems an appropriate choice for today's boom booms and fireworks ....more

everyone likes the game of '80s thrones

Even though its sort of a faux throwback, I love this remix of the opening credits for Game of Thrones, '80s style. Kept waiting for Larry Hagman or Joan Collins to show up .. ....more

film find: the sapphires

The Sapphires is a fun, music-filled, (sorta) based on a real story movie that is definitely worth a look. Set in 1968, Chris O'Dowd stars as alcoholic Irish talent scout Dave Lovelace, who, while touring Australia and looking for new acts, runs across a talented group of girl singers and sisters (Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, and Miranda Tapsell). Dave believes the girls have loads of potential — if they are willing to stop singing country and folk music, and let him style them with his favorite brand of music — soul music ....more

it's july already? white rabbits!

It's July First. How did that happen? Oh well.Hope you said your "White Rabbits x 3" this morning for good luck all month ....more

the quest for chi

This is actually a sign for one of the areas at Legoland, where we were just about a week ago, but it also seems to sum up my journey these days ....more