yankee rancher

I married a Texas Cowboy.   I call him Cowboy and he calls me Darlin’.  I’m not sure anything could have prepared me for this thrill-a-minute, amazing, and sometimes, downright scary life on the ranch (except maybe, Route 128 at rush hour!)  I’m a hardworking professional, vegetarian Yankee who grew up 30 miles west of one of the most wonderful cities in the world:  Boston, Massachusetts.  Yup.  Boston-best food, unique people, diverse music scene, wonderful museums, finest schools, beautiful shoreline-did I mention, great food?  Quincy Market and the North End just fill my heart and senses!  I can almost smell my fresh bagels from here.  However, I do not miss the frenzy, highway driving attitude of if-you-hesitate-I-will-run-you-down.  I’m all about enjoying the drive and smelling those proverbial flowers these days.  All in all, I do love you, Boston.  You, Beantown are part of my DNA- wheya the folks ay wicked smayt and drive wicked fast down the Mass Pike. 

Why I Got Rid of All the Bitchy Women in My Life and Why You Should Too...

I lived in a neighborhood that was filled with botox. I could barely breathe there. These women made the Stepford Wives look reserved and terribly normal. Their days consisted of going to the gym to try and perfect their already flawlessly retail store tanned bodies, nail salon trips to fix that chipped nail (damn that woman that didn't pay attention to what she was doing!), shopping for prepared meals, and meeting with decorators. They whined and wined constantly. I'm so unbelievable thankful to make it out of there alive......more
 @victorias_view  And that is good and HEALTHY!!!  ;) more