Calling All Parents!

I shall start this with a disclaimer.  This is a rant.  I'm frustrated and irritated and since this is MY blog, I get to put it out there in MY way.  This is in NO WAY aimed at our local school district or any one person or group of people.  We are very blessed to have fabulous schools here and for that I am forever grateful....more
A word about cutting sports: it should be a last ditch effort. Here's why: If a school cuts the ...more

Holy Crap, I'm Getting Old(er)

Yep, you read that right.  I'm getting older.  Every day, older and older.  It doesn't take a genius to figure this out.  As I sit here, I can't help but think about the things that I only wish some of my older, yet wiser, friends would have told me would happen to me in my 30's as I edge closer and closer to 40.   1.  Hair.  Oh Lord, the hair.  I am not referring to the hair on the top of my head.  I am...more

Blood. LOTS of Blood

First, a request.  I know, you are probably tired of hearing about Johnny, but I am a momma on a mission.  I have a feeling that my dear, sweet Johnny will be making some appearances soon on some shows promoting his new movie, Dark Shadows.  If we could blow up Ellen's Mailbox about how I REALLY need to meet him, maybe she will take notice???  I am really on a mission here.  You know if something would actually, really, truly happen, you all wou...more

Who Needs a Beverage?

I realized I had given my Foodie Friday a break for a couple of weeks.  I don't think anyone really noticed except for me, but in my determination to find some good eats, I have decided to try it again.  For the love of God, if you want me to stop, PLEASE tell me now, you won't hurt my feelers.  I don't want to lose you over some food.  I just like to eat and I figure surely you guys have some good stuff for me to try.  I figure to try to suck you all back in, I would share some of my favorite drink recipes.  <...more

Our Kids, Our Responsibility

If you read my People Who Piss Me Off  post the other day, I touched on how I am slightly pissed at the State of Kansas.  Now, this does not directly affect me since I am a stay at home mom, but it does affect me in the sense of if I ever would need child care.  If you didn't read it the other day, I will wait while you do.  OK, you back?  Good. The more I think about this, the more piss...more

My Letter to Ellen DeGeneres

I told you all that I was going to write Ellen an email and send her my Dear Johnny letter.  I wanted to share it with you.  It was difficult to try to be funny, yet sincere.  I wanted her to know that I am dead serious about this, but at the same time am light-hearted about it as well. And to do it in 1500 characters or less.   Here goes:   Dear Ellen~I need your help....more
i just wrote you a 1500 page litter and it disappeared why?more

Dear Johnny, or Shall I Call You Mr. Depp?

I may have a slight obsession with Johnny Depp. This is not a new development.  I watched 21 Jump Street.  I had all the posters.  At the time it was between him and River Phoenix.  Oohhh, he was hot too.  Damn drugs.    I was thinking the other day about maybe explaining my obsession, adoration, love, I don't really know the proper term here....more
 @themhalf I'd like to invite him over for dinner. And breakfast.more

Some Suggestions for the Men, Part II

I orginally wrote this back in January.  I have since added a few suggestions and helpful hints.  I can only hope it helps men everywhere!   I saw this while wasting away nap time on Pinterest and it got me thinking, why can't us women ever just relax?  Why do we "need" so many things?  I don't really need ...more