Yvonne Valtierra

I am a mother of one child, one teenager and one adult child who joined the Marine Corps. I have a personal blog in which I share stories of my life and photos that I take. 

My Blogs

Choco’s Ride. Don’t Hate.

My husband decided to pimp out Gabby’s wagon so she could give her dog a ride in some shaded style. This was the result ....more

I’ve Still Got It!

I was in the kitchen roasting tomatoes and peppers to prepare fresh salsa for dinner. Gabriella and Tony were sitting at the kitchen table playing a game of Slap Jack. While I was roasting away, I heard the following Gabby: Come on Dad! ...more

Life is a Jerk and So Are People Who Can’t Drive.

Yesterday my son went to the DMV to pay the transfer fees and registration for the car he was so graciously gifted from his grandmother. I had added him to my insurance a week earlier and when asked if he wanted liability or full coverage, he opted for liability because the car is old and you know, YOUNG PEOPLE. Just hours after returning from the DMV he was in an accident ....more

A Different Kind of Before and After

When you lose weight, especially a significant amount of weight, people love to tell you how! amazing! you! ...more

*Insert Inspirational Title Here*

Last year at this time, I was well into a year of doing boot camp. I was fit, I was strong, I was running, I was feeling and looking great. Then I lost my job ....more

I Can’t Promise You That This Won’t Become the Look at My Pictures of My Adorable Dog Blog.

We have a new member of the family. He’s a Yorkie and his name is Choco. It all happened so fast ....more

My First Attempt at Senior Portraits

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I would take senior portraits of her daughter. I’ve never taken senior portraits before, but I was up for the challenge. Luckily, my friend’s daughter...more

“We Will Always Love Each Other as Family.”

On Monday night, Ethan and I had a very serious talk about school and grades. My son has always made good grades. All a’s and b’s so far in high school ....more


Test ...more

She is Rich

I often wonder how my job loss has affected my daughter. She’s had to give up things that she loves (like gymnastics) because there just isn’t any money. I feel like a failure and wonder if she’s upset with me for having put our family in this position ....more