Zadi Diaz


Parenting and Teens

Sarah Stewart is an educational consultant who works with parents of struggling teens. She blogs daily at Isthmus about her encounters and the experience gained from working with parents that look for alternative educational settings for their children. From widlerness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers and drug and alcohol centers... this one runs the gamut on valuable experience and practical advice that any parent can use. ...more

The New Media Collective Helps Break Stereotypes

Say hello to Melanie Morgan, she founded The New Media Collective (NMC), an online project promoting diversity and education within the media-making community for people of color. The NMC highlights bloggers, photobloggers, videologgers, and podcasters who are helping to break down barriers of entry and stereotypes. ...more

Learning how to videoblog

When I started videoblogging it was mostly learn as you go, since there were only a handful of people you could turn to when you had a problem with compression for the web or any other video issue. ...more

Ryan and Michael Verdi have provided an invaluable service for helping people who are rank ...more

The Los Angeles Looking Glass

Let's backtrack a bit. Last summer, Lisa Salem (a mixed media artist who paints beautifully) walked the whole of Los Angeles with a camera strapped on to a baby stroller and stopped people on the street to document their encounter. ...more

OK folks if I ever win the lottery (or if I'm still able to walk by the time all of these kids ...more

Changing the World One Vlog at a Time

Hi All, I'm Zadi and I'll be adding on to the Blogging and Social Media blog by highlighting amazingly creative female videobloggers or those who film subject matter that might be of interest to us BlogHers. ...more