off to motherland!!

woke up super excited today because.... im going on vacation! :) and guess what THE BEST bit?? ...more

we survived...

our first major fall and emergency hospital run. i guess when we knew we were having a son (and after meeting him more so..) that this will be a frequent part of our lives. so we'd just have to toughen up and brush up our grab bag, IDs, snack pack and off we go routine ....more

of sports and marathons

im like the least sporty person i know! i recently read an update from a dear friend about how she's starting to be less fit than before. and nearly died choking on the timtam i was eating!...more

second half of the year... FREAK OUT!!!

i have no idea HOW this happen!!! it feels like yesterday i was feeling unsettled about this year. the year started with a lot of in betweens ....more

some are born to sweet delight ...

no matter how many times you travel, some places just hold a special place in your heart! this week, i constantly found my brain drifting off to a particular spot in tokyo. not the usual iconic places to see but it was a side street near d's office we used to meet on our bikes on our way home....more

our littlest :: what's in his bag...

want a sneak peek into blake's bag? this is his packed bag for his first dance party!...more

spontaneous staycation :: FAIL!

last weekend, we snuck in a spontaneous staycation! :) obviously not one for spontaneity (read:: more responsibility), the husband went home to pack a huge bag of necessities. we had a great time and thought we did really good......more

reflections this rainy morning...

when blake was littler, i desperately wished he came with a manual. i googled everything endlessly in search for the perfect solution. i research every single whinge, every failed nap, every tear brought to my bubba's eye ....more

latest update...

the beginning of the rest of our lives......more

design for mankind - singapore guide

reading this put a smile to my face. who knew that our (often boring) little city could be so interesting and pretty!! its lovely to see something so everyday to us through someone else's life!...more