Memorial Day...Remembering

I have something to say and I apologize in advance as this is kind of long. I know there will be a lot of you pass this over because of that simple fact. But I have a message for you all and would appreciate you take just a minute or two to read this  Let's see if we can make this go viral 

Thirty six million people will be traveling this weekend all across America for this awesome Memorial Holiday weekend and I have something to say that weighs heavy on my heart. A local high school (Shenendehowa High) lost his life yesterday 5/22/2014 due to an accident cause by excessive speed going around a corner. He is the third in that particular school in as little as 18 months! I know we all have to drive to get to where we need to be but so many people are under the false pretence that they are safe and in control. They don't realize that they are responsible for a 1-2 ton piece of equipment. They get too comfortable with it and think they can do other tasks. Such as...texting, talking on the phone, eating, drinking, arguing, reading, shaving, putting on makeup and Lord knows what all else! And let's not forget speeding and tailgating. I watched a video this morning that I wanted to share but it was very graphic and disturbing, so I decided against it. I kind of wish I would have now.. I still may. My son does not have a car for the simple reason that I can not afford one for him right now and even if I could I would probably stress out so much that I'd have a whole head of grey hair instead of partial. As parents, we all stress about the safety of our children and can't be there 24/7 as they are learning to spread their wings and fly. I do trust in my childrens ability to drive and make wise decisions, it's the other people out there and their driving habits that I worry about! Working in road construction for the years that I did brought me to the realization that people are extremely careless behind the wheel. I was nearly killed many times myself and one of the excuses I would always hear and that would make me cringe was "I didn't see you" Seriously? I'm in the middle of the road with super bright reflective safety vest and bright orange hard hat and a huge stop sign and you didn't see me? I've slapped many of car hoods with my paddle with not one complaint!!! Wonder why? My point of writing all this today is to throw out some accountability and see who's willing to catch it. Each and every one of us has a choice to make. It is up to us to to use our better judgement when it comes to our behaviour behind the wheel. This is also for our youngsters that think they are invincible, that they can't die. You can and you will with reckless attitudes. When you are getting ready to out to that awesome party, think about your parents, if you die, it's going to completely break their hearts and their life will never be the same with out you in it!!! Use wise judgement this and all days, don't drink and drive. Call your parents, they won't be mad til tomorrow morning. Call a cab, call me if you want to. I'll take your keys and hide them then forget where I put them (True Story) This weekend is for remembering those we lost while defending our freedom, they paid the ultimate sacrifice and for that I am forever grateful. So let's celebrate the memory of all those that served with a day at the park with our awesome friends and family and the amazing BBQ. Let's all be mindful, be safe, be responsible and most importantly, HAVE FUN     

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