Memorial Weekend in Door County

We were supposed to leave for Egg Harbor on Thursday, but we had high winds.  There was a news report about a camper flipping over on the freeway, so we weren’t going to take a chance.  Early Friday morning, we headed north for Door County.

Glider Doing Tricks There was a glider swooping down over the freeway near OshKosh.  At first we thought he was in trouble, but quickly realized he was just a daredevil!

This year we stayed at Egg Harbor Campground, a lovely place to camp!  We used to stay at Door County Camping Retreat, but they hassled us so much about the dogs. Only 2 Sandoval dogs go camping with us, the other two usually stay with a friend which is “camping” to them.  

But our daughter brings her dogs too, so that equals 4 shih tzu’s on one campsite and that was strictly forbidden at DCCR.  One day the guy came by in his police golf cart and got up in my face about having 4 dogs on one site and the dogs went ballistic.  He hollered and said “SEE THIS IS WHY WE ONLY ALLOW 2 DOGS PER SITE” and I yelled right back and told him he was threatening me and that’s why the dogs were barking like crazy.  That was our last time there. 

No, DuhEgg Harbor Campground is located in beautiful Egg Harbor, which is half way up the Door County pennisula.  It’s quaint and woodsy and quiet and there is a nice playground for the kiddies.  They also have a heated pool, but it was far to cold to even think about swimming.  AND, when hubby asked if they had a dog limit, they said they didn’t care how many dogs we had.  We are highly unlikely to bring all 4 of our pups ever because it is just to hard to keep them from spilling out the RV door at once.  

Looking Up!

Nikki and her little family arrived early Friday evening.  Quinn came running to us yelling “CAMPING, HAPPY!!”.  Yes, he just loved camping.  I think eating ice out of the coolers was his favorite part of camping.  But he also loved going for walks, and singing.  Sleep was definitely not his favorite part, but we did manage to get both boys to nap, and they slept quite well in the camper.

Puddle Pit

Saturday night was very stormy and rainy, and an early to bed night for all of us.  Sunday was perfect weather, and we stayed up late, hanging around the campfire.  Actually I should say they stayed up late because son-in-law’s parents brought their 2 big dogs to the fire and that set off vicious barking from our little Ted E Bear who hates big dogs with all his might.  

So my job was keeping Ted E quiet while Gavin was sleeping and that involved staying in the RV with the bedroom door shut.  I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a pudgie pie, but after son in law’s parents went back to their camper, Nikki and I feasted on cheeseboards that she had bought for us earlier in the day.  Yumm.


Of course you can't take babies camping without the obligatory sink baths, and we had dirty boys!  


Sink Bath

Monday morning we packed up, put everything away and headed for home.  In high winds.  I suggested pulling over until the front passed but hubby had his homing instincts on and was hearing none of it.  He white knuckled it the whole way home and I was nervous with the wind trying blow us all over the road.  We were really glad we didn’t drive up north on Thursday night!  

It was a great weekend :)  AND, my first time camping in 2 years.  We've been "grounded" for a while because of all my stupid surgeries and it felt so good to be on the open road again! 

And finally, a photo to show you what picnic tables are really for.  

What Picnic Tables Are For!

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