Memories of Christmas past

As the Holiday's get closer I seem to reminisce about the past Holiday's I've had with my family. Ii's amazing the things that we chose to remember about the past. 

I remember one Christmas I was probably around 11 years old and I remember being obsessed with bath products (yes at a young age I was already obsessed with beauty products). I told my parents that I'd love to get bath products for Christmas, as well as other things that I honestly cannot remember, and when Christmas Eve came I remember opening all my presents and realizing my mom got carried away with the whole bath product presents. As I opened presents there were bath salts, bath bombs, bubble bath, bath milk etc... and that's pretty much all I got. Naturally I was grateful for what I was being giving but I was kind of hoping for something else too. My father somehow sensed my disappointment and asked if I wanted to go out with him and of course I said yes. I remember my dad bringing me to the mall, into a clothing store and letting me choose whatever I wanted. I got two sweaters, light purple and dark purple and two pair of jeans. My dad informed me that he knew my mom went overboard on the bath stuff and he wanted to get me something different.

This is just one of the many memories I have around he Holiday's and with my father now gone, I never want to forget anything about him because the memories are all I have. I remember my father getting ready to go to work at the casino and him putting so much cologne on at home that it lingered in the air, I still have a bottle of his cologne in the house and I freely admit that I sometimes just spray it so I can feel him in the house. Around the Holiday's I miss my father's voice, him yelling at the TV when the football game is on and him surprising us with a special vacation. 

For those that do take the time to read this I want you to remember that during this time of the year it's not about presents but it's about preserving the memories that come with the Holiday's. I miss my father every single day and I'm always reminded that I am exactly like him, which is probably why we butted heads far to much, but I have the memories of  him that I keep close to my heart. I hope everyone has a great Holiday and gets to spend it with the people that they love.


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