Men are from Mars, Women Venus

“So do you like it?” I asked my husband, Marc, as I entered our hotel room and held up the skirt that I just purchased while shopping in San Francisco with my friend.


He rolled his eyes and replied, “Not really.”


“Pfft!  What do you know anyway?” I replied as I carefully folded it and put it in my carry-on.  “I love it and so does Ellie!”


The skirt hung in my closet for weeks.  Finally, I decided to wear it to work. I was already dressed and just finishing flat-ironing my hair when Marc entered the closet.  I stood up and slowly twirled around for him.  “I love this skirt!” I exclaimed.


Again, he rolled his eyes.  “I know you do,” he answered with a smirk.


“You don’t?”


“No, not at all.”




“Because it looks like an old lady skirt….”


It was my turn to roll my eyes at him.  I wore it to work and the funniest thing happened – the girls loved it and the men hated it!


What do men know about fashion anyway?


Did this ever happen to you?  Do you have any articles of clothes that are “girl only”?



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