Men Are [Officially] The High Maintenance Ones!

I sort of knew this already, but now I have confirmation. Guys take longer to get ready than gals according to this study. That’s right, it’s the switch-a-roo of the century. Women used to be stereotypically labeled as high maintenance when it came to the getting ready routine, but now it is the men who take longer to get their pretty selves ready. Obviously for this turn of events, I credit feminism for helping to bridge the gap between the sexes. 


For the record (and to be more evidence for the study) I want everyone to know my husband always takes longer than me to get ready... just like the study says, men take longer because they have to shave, shower, pick out an outfit--go through a skin care regimen. Oh, boys, I totally can’t relate because I am too busy nagging you to hurry the hell up so we aren’t late. And then--then!--just as you pretend to be ready, you stop to take a pee! Geez, let’s go already! 


This was precisely the predicament that my girlfriend and I found ourselves when we were on vacation recently... we were ready, outside, by the car, and where were our husbands? Inside makin’ themselves look pretty! Don’t get me wrong, I love a guy who takes some time on himself and makes sure he has a sense of fashion to boot--metrosexual males are just so sexy. 


Maybe, as a woman I just have become so awesome at navigating the waters of looking great that I can do it in seconds flat... and maybe men are just tuning in to this routine. Finally (since women have kept so many of the jobs) men have time to catch up on grooming and primping. And maybe some day they will better at speeding it up--Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all. 


Of course, in the long run, none of this really matters as far as the time goes. Someone will always be waiting, male or female. But it also means that men and women are becoming more equal in more and more ways, and I think that is pretty awesome. Now instead of taking too long because we are women, we’re just taking too long to get ready because we’re high maintenance (like men!) 


And with that, I am totally cool. 


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