Men are so easy...aka, how to be wife of the year with a few simple clicks

Men really are easy to please. It's humorous really just how simple they are. But a few months ago my husband issued an impossible task. He has this ap on his phone called The Chive. Mostly it has pictures of chicks and boobs, but also it has pictures similar to the humor section on Pinterest. It's kind of like what Pinterest would be if men were in charge of it. He had followed the ap for a long time when one day he discovered they sold shirts. You know that big thing going around the web right now, "Keep Calm and Carry On."

Well Chive made their own, "Keep Calm and Chive On,"

I think it is the dumbest shirt on the planet. But seem to think it's the greatest thing since blow jobs. I guess all my husbands friends got a shirt, so he decided he needed a shirt too. So one day he tells me that I have to get him a shirt and the shirts are going on sale tomorrow. I set a timer, schedule my lunch break accordingly and go on mission stupid shirt. You guys, these fucking shirts sold out in THIRTY EIGHT SECONDS. I was mad. I never fail at stuff and I was failing at this. I even had the shirt in my shopping cart and by the time I pushed check out I was told they were SOLD OUT. I was not impressed. I told my husband who got all despondent and sad and all, "But Tony's wife got three shirts and you got no shirts, and sighhhhh I guess it's okay."

I got beat by a shirt.

Click here to find out how I became wife of the year and how I finally beat that website!

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