My fav study of 2012 found that guys are more sexually attracted to curvy women when they are stressed out. Show me a working man who isn't stressed and I'll show you a wheelbarrow full of calorie free chocolate bars.

Big booties attract the blokes, according the the UK study by Brit Psychologists. Historically in periods of economic depression bigger girls “communicate strength, control and independence.” Enter Mae Wes and her buxom blondes in the 1930s.

81 men aged 18 to 42 took part in the study that officially looked at the impact of stress on men's sexual preferences. Professor Cary Cooper from Lancaster University said “Stressed men are going for fuller-figured maternal types.” High five to the fabulous fat girls!

The good news is men are still listening to their inner voice and I'm not talking about the trouser snake stirring in their pants. I mean voice deep down inside their DNA whispering; "Go for the big girl dude, she's hot. Look at that ass!"

Turns out being plus-size in slim financially times is a perk. Who knew a stressed man is good for dating? As long as stress exists there will be fellas who are genetically programmed to be attracted to curvier women thus offering us first dibs in the dating pool. Nice.

So my Plus-Size Provocateurs, when you next doubt that stressed man in a suit at the bar is checking you out. Don't! Give him a chance sister. You might just have the right way of relieving his stress later on.

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