Men totally suffer from PMS too - sometimes worse!

I was joking today with a female co-worker about how men have PMS and sometimes even worse than women!  She laughed but I got to thinking, but it's really true!  I used to date this guy and his mood would always go up and down right around the full moon.  I wouldn't even have to check a paper.  His mood would go sour, and I knew the moon was bright and full in the night sky.  He isn't the only one either.  I've known many guys who are normally happy and upbeat who turn into non-social, depressed and quiet.  It's almost always monthly but I've seen even weekly and daily - although daily might be more of a multiple personality disorder or something.  It's too bad that there isn't an actual schedule to prove it.  The full moon was the closest I ever got.  But if you don't believe me, there are actual studies done on it, including this one: 

So ladies, the next time some male in your life is being difficult or having some mood swings, feel free to say "oh it must be that time of the month".  I'm sure they wouldn't like it too much but after all these years, heck, I think they deserve it. ;-)


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