Men vs. Women; Major difference in brain wiring

I'm fascinated in the differences between men and women - psychologically, socially, physically and mentally. So this research about the genders' brains being wired differently really intrigues me!

Neuroscientists at U Penn found the following when researching the brains of males and females ages 8 to 22:

1. Females had more connectivity between the two hemispheres in the supratentorial region of the brain. This is were the cerebrum is located.


Males had more connectivity WITHIN each hemisphere.


2. In the cerebellum (not the cerebrum), which deals with motor control, males had more connections between the left and right hemispheres.


Females had more connections WITHIN each hemisphere.

Gender differences in the brain became even more noticeable after age 13.

In general, after 13, females performed better in attention, social cognition, face memory and word memory. Males were better at spatial processing and sensorimotor speed.

Be sure to look at the diagrams of the brains' wiring:


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