Menopausal Moments

Welcome Womenopes!

That is my term of endearment for women going through menopause. For those of you who may be entering menopause, or are in the throws of menopause, or are on the other side of it (lucky you!), I am writing to you! I have been searching for a place to find comfort for my everyday complaints, to question the antidotes that are offered to us, and find anecdotes that help me feel  that I am not alone and there are other women out there like me!!

You see, I am on my own. I lost my Grandmother who raised me, and my Mother, and don't have an experienced person to talk to about menopause. My friends are going through it, but it's hard to talk about what you're going through. It is a "silent" process, where all of these things happen to you, little by little, whittling away at the existence that you've " and now each day, you lose a little piece of yourself. You're gaining a couple of pounds each month, you're seeing sagging skin a little bit more, and suddenly, you don't recognize yourself in the mirror! Who am I now? For those of you who were once confident, accomplished women, this is hard to face. For those of you who never were, this is even worse.

Why does no one tell you about these secrets beforehand? They tell you about menstruation in 3rd or 4th grade! Why isn't there a little aqua-colored book called "Personally yours...again" that gives you a brief synopsis of what to look forward to (or not!). Why isn't there a whole industry of people telling you how to cope, and natural products & stuff for women entering this gateway of their lives? It isn't a popular subject on blogs or even in the drug stores ("our" products are near the bottom of the shelves). Sure, there are books written by doctors who go into the technical aspects, What about the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" authors? Couldn't they continue their series to address this time of life? There must be a pretty big market there. What about all the baby boomer women that could use some support now? What about all those thirty and forty-something women who had careers, kids,  that are going through this rite-of-passage all by themselves? Sure, we have our friends, but wouldn't it be nice to be part of something bigger, a group, a forum, a network of women who could commiserate with you? That is what I would like to share. Care to join me? Let's get something started! Right here, right now.



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