Menopause on a Fruit & Vegetable Detox Cleansing Diet, Part 1

The madness has begun; my first day in a planned five days of semi-fasting and cleansing with fruit and vegetables—a detoxification period, a jump-start for losing weight. The reality: five days of mental anguish and self-deprivation—a tortured guinea pig! And since I am already afflicted with Menopause Syndrome, I promise to be on my worst behavior: Mary Sunshine will take a backseat to the ever-wailing Menopausal Banshee. Urgh… I weep for the living!

When my pants zipper won’t zip, no matter how much I suck-in my belly, when my largest pair of stretchy pants will no longer pass beyond my thighs—no matter how much jumping up-and-down I do—when it becomes impossible to enjoy a meal at a restaurant because the table is squeezing the life out of my gut, when I have begun to resemble a giant, soft, pillowy pin cushion, oh-my!, and when I turn blue because I can’t breathe bending over to tie my shoes, it is time to put a halt to the splurging and take serious action.

I have chosen to follow a semi-fast diet: a fruit and vegetable cleansing. My research led me to LIVESTRONG.COM and Dr. Ben Kim of

The fruit and vegetable diet is a great way to eliminate toxins and poisons from the body—excreted via stools and urine—and lose a few pounds in the process. A major plus when you consider that I presently weigh 231.7 pounds! Not only will I lose weight but this cleansing diet promises I will feel re-energized, and people will certainly notice how radiant my complexion looks.

Well, yippee for my complexion looking great, but I don’t think I’ve discovered the fountain of youth! However, I choose to believe when doctors say that I will feel better being thinner: less stress on my joints, my internal organs won’t work as hard to keep my female machine going, and my asthma should be easier to deal with as well. Now if that’s not the fountain of youth, in comparison to how I now feel (depressed, fat and tired!), then I don’t know what is.

I finish writing this blog at the close of my first day. I hold back tears in my eyes and feel a great ache in my heart. This is no easy feat. Giving up my rich, gourmet food, a known comfort in my present menopausal state will be the hardest thing I’ve done in years. And if I fail yet again, I’ve set me up for another embarrassing moment in my life (just one more of many). So here I go. Sigh!


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