'Men's Size & What We Women Would Like Ya to Do!'

Hey Ladies,

     Okay! Okay!  This post is not ONLY for us Ladies. I'm certain that there are some Gentlemen out there who are equally as curious about this very thing.  Anywho...  Ladies, I know that at some point in your sexual lifetime you have encountered that guy whose man  package juuuuust didn't quite measure up or was a little more than what you'd like to handle?  That guy who came up more than a little short, less than a little straight or faaaaar more than a mouthful.  If you've ever found yourself in any of these unforeseen and uncomfortable situations, you know how 'hard' it is to tactfully deal with.  If you haven't, be glad that you are reading this article now, before the horrid event happens.  Because at least you will be armed with good advice!  

     One of the first things that 'comes' to mind when you find yourself facing any of these situations is - 'Well damned! This sure is one for the head!'  Followed by, 'How do I tactfully deflate this situation?' 

     Well fret no more!  My new BFF spells it all out quite nicely and  with waaaay  more tact than most of us could muster on our own.   

So.  Grab a chair and if your memory is not all that good, a tablet (digital or otherwise) and ENJOY!

P.S.  When your done viewing the video, don't forget to tell me what's going through your head ;)


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