Mental Clutter & Your 2.0 Life

BlogHer Original Post

Where is the clutter in your life?

Is it around your physical space?

  • are you peering at the computer screen despite the piles?

Is it in your schedule?

  • do your kids assure school faculty that you'll eventually pick them up?

Or is it in your mind?

  • are you often panicked because either: you're scouring your brain for that one thing that's nagging at you or you've just realized you forgot something important? {like the kids}


Certified Professional Organizer, April Welch, brings you a session like no other at BlogHer ~ Demystifying Your Clutter Habits for an Improved 2.0 Life!


Learn strategies for project management {complete those posts ahead of the deadlines}, time management {finally pick the kids up on time}, stuff management {what's your strongest modality & how can you be more efficient capatilizing on it?} life ~ balance management {feel good taking a day off for once!} and of course, 2.0 management {know where you are, when you're noticed & how to keep it all straight}


April's unique approach to clutter is full of interesting revelations about why exactly we do what we do {based on years of experience with clients} as well as a fresh humorous perspective on just how we can embrace a life inclusive of all our hopes & dreams.


Bring April to BlogHer '10 & I promise you'll leave motivated WITH a plan after conference!