Mental Illness: Megan Fox, Marilyn Monroe and the Daily Marathon

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[Editor's Note: I love Kim's response to Megan Fox's decision to remove her Marilyn Monroe tattoo because of Marilyn's negative character. Read Kim's post, at Perfectly Cursed Life and share your thoughts about how we view and talk about those with mental health issues. - Denise]

Marilyn Monroe tattoo
Image Credit: Jennzebel via Flickr

…because people with mental illness are “negative characters” and have “negative energy.” (Not to mention that she’s willing to laser off Marilyn’s face but not other tattoos that may not apply to her because of the “terrible” pain associated with tattoo removal.) Of course I read this and instantly became irate. Megan Fox isn’t exactly a public figure that I look to for life advice or some sort of moral high ground, but it’s not who she is that matters–it’s what she said.

You see, people with mental illness are CONSTANTLY being told that they’re nothing but negative energy in one way or another. This can be by ill-educated starlets or by our own family members. When I first was diagnosed with mental illness and had a severe breakdown my freshman year of high school, my parents were so scared that people may find out about what was going on. I remember when I went back to school my mom was trying to help me concoct a story for why I had been out for weeks. I told her I didn’t want to lie and that I’d tell them the truth. It killed me inside that she wanted me to cover up what I had been through. Depression and mood disorders are not and should not be taboo. But in a small town in 1995, she felt she’d rather take her chances offending me than offending small town sensibilities.

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