Merry Christmas . . .


(Mom enjoying her hot cocoa on Christmas Ship)

Merry Christmas!

 It's been such a relaxing day today. At first I thought I would be lonely and bored today with no on here but the three of us. However, it's been a very good day. God, in deed, has been with us and in our hearts.
 Zak has been working 80+ hour weeks with Christmas Ship in full force, and since today was his only real day off until after the 1st, he wanted to go skiing with a few of the other ship captains. At first I was understanding, but disappointed. Now I am glad he went out ad had a good day with his friends and burned some energy. He has a busy week ahead through the New Years. We're supposed to meet up with him this evening at the home of some mutual friends, but I am not feeling so well today so I don't think we'll make it.
Mom had spent the day confused. She remembers the concept of Christmas just no that it is Christmas. Even as we sat opening our gifts, she questioned us a few times about why we had all these presents to open. Phil and I would remind her today was Christmas and these were our Christmas presents. I don't know how much of it made sense to her or not. I fear that not a lot of it did make sense to her.
I woke her up early this morning and told her "Merry Christmas" and she gave me a blank look. It took her a moment to recognize me and what I was saying to her. She came on out to the great room where I was making breakfast in the kitchen. We grew up having bagels and lox on Christmas morning and this is what I made this morning. Mom had no idea what she was eating, but she did comment several times how good it was, although I suspect she liked the scrambled eggs and sausage more than the lox :)
We gave Mom a Kindle for Christmas, along with a very very good pair of ear phones. Phil picked out ear phones for her that cost more than the Kindle did!! We are in the process of charging the Kindle and then we'll download the Bible onto it for her, this way she can not only read along but the Kindle can read the verses to her as she follows along. Dylan and Zak gave her a new shirt and a much needed new black sweater. Phil got her a very large deck of playing cards so she can see to play solitaire. Mom was very happy with her gifts, even if she has not idea why we gave them to her.
This afternoon we went to the movie. We saw The Tourist, with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Mom just cannot do movies anymore and tends to get antsy and bored sitting through one, but we wanted to go so we did. Mom may have no enjoyed the movie, but I sure did. I have had a heart-crush on JD ever since Edward Scissorhands, and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. We're back home now and Mom is taking a nap.
It's a quiet Christmas, but a nice day. We're having our Christmas dinner tomorrow evening with Zak at his house. All is well on that end. I wonder how many more Christmas celebrations I will have Mom for? I fear this may be the last one, and it scares me that it might be. The fear is enough to eat me, but then I have to ask myself is this how I want me Mom to be? No.
I miss my Mom especially on special days like Christmas.



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