Merry Christmas 2011!


Merry Christmas!  This year seems to have escaped me completely!  I can barely catch my breath, I suppose that is how we all feel!  This was a good year for The Roberts’ family.  No major sicknesses, all good news, and some fun stuff!

  Ali rushed to get back to school last January- she just couldn’t stand it any more. She had a great semester ad finished with a 3.5GPA. This semester was not so good to her!! That last Algebra is kicking her butt! The light at the end of that tunnel is that (fingers crossed) the midwifery program will start in earnest in January and she will be in the inaugural class.  Hopefully with in 3 years (give or take) she will be a midwife!! (sooo excited!!)  She has really come to believe that midwifery and the importance of the birth experience is the ministry God has placed her in.  We are anxious to get the journey really kicked off! 

In January we had a huge joy when Talley (Ali’s mom) moved into a house just two streets over from us!! That has been so awesome having Mom so close- for all these years she has been 15 minutes away and that was great- two blocks is SOO MUCH BETTER!!!

Naomi is even allowed to walk, by herself, to Granny’s (with departure and arrival checkins via phone, of course!!) It seems that our little Chihuahua, Gen. Doolittle, likes to sneak through the fence and walk to Granny’s too!  In March, Ali and her friend Lindsay attempted to run the Warrior Dash in NOLA but the race that NEVER cancels due to bad weather..well, cancelled due to bad weather!! It was pretty sad because they were already at the race site and were sorely disappointed!! Maybe next time- Ali was excited to get muddy! In April, Ali was sent a pair of the new adult size Heelies (the shoes with skates hidden in the soles) for her to try out and talk about on the air.  Imagine that.  She actually spent a full eight hours on them, virtually incident free, before she did the daredevil act of going to get the mail.  She forgot about the bump at the end of her inclined driveway and went flying about 6 feet!  She ended up on crutches for a couple of weeks and has some super cool pictures to gross you out with!! Her knee is still not the same!! She is still leading worship with Redeemed, the praise band , at Covenant Methodist Church.  They did a completely original Easter production, written entirely by the praise team.  It was amazing.  In June, Talley had hip replacement surgery so we spent a lot of time helping her and hassling her to get moving!! She is doing great!  Off the walker, off the cane but she still keeps it with her just in case!  Over the summer Ali and Naomi were in a local production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and she was able to sing in that as well.  One sad note for this summer- In June we had to put Miss Kitty down.  She was (at least) 18 years old and it was time for her to go on over to Rainbow Bridge.  It was sad but beautiful.  Naomi carried her into the vet and held her the entire time.  The vet asked if she wanted Ali to hold Miss Kitty or if Na wanted to leave the room but she did not.  She was so strong.  She is pretty amazing.   

 Naomi is doing GREAT!!! She had her tonsils and adenoids out as well as some sort of sinus cauterization in March and she has been SOO MUCH BETTER!! Praise the Lord. Our little baby, who has snored like a trucker since birth, is silent when she sleeps now!! It was an easy decision to make to have the surgery but it was a rough week afterwards!! She held her own pretty well though and now she is soo much healthier and she has shot up like a weed!! Now we know why she has always been sooo tiny- those tonsils were sapping her!!  We have never had to buy a lot of clothes for her because she never grew that much and now we are buying jeans like there’s no tomorrow!!  She started losing her teeth this year too!  We love her little jack-O-lantern smile!!HSe has been doing great in school- she is leaps and bonds ahead of her required reading levels and her grades are awesome- She makes honor roll and Principal’s list and all and her teacher tells me she is quite the helper in class.  The stories her teacher and others tell us about her are what warm our heart and have us praising the Lord for such an amazing child.  Her kindness and generosity never ceases to floor us.  She spent her summer in about 100 different VBS camps(really only about 6 but it seemed like 100!!) and performing in the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Ali.  She had lines and everything!!  Finally all our years of theatrical brainwashing has paid off!! She asked to be put into a drama class outside of school and she is also in drama at school. She LOVES IT!!! We are lucky enough that she is in a school of choice that focuses on arts and technology.  She gets to take music, art, dance, and drama all at school.  She is also getting very crafty.  She likes to make things with Ali’s scrapbooking stuff and she is about to sew her first project - a baby gift for Big Naomi, who is expecting her first child in March.  For her birthday this year she got what she had been asking for over the last several years- a rat.  His name is Nibbler (like from Futurama) and he is adorable- we are all very attached to him!! He was only 4 weeks old when we got him so we are lucky to be the ones raising him!! So cute!!

Kent has had an exciting year!! After starting his job with the state last year he has settled in and now the travel part of his job is starting.  Hmm…the man who hates to travel has TWO jobs that require travel..go figure!! He spent two weeks in Georgia with the USAFR in June and that has been about it for the military travel this year..they haven’t kept him too busy.  The job with the state, though, has kicked in big time!   He spent 2 weeks in November in Denver (getting to visit with Jered, and Thom and Naomi!! Lucky!!) and he spent a week in New Jersey/NYC just this month.  Can you imagine?  First trip to NYC ever and he gets to go at Christmas!!! How awesome! Due to work conflicts Ali had to stay home this time but he will be going again so maybe she’ll get to join him!! Kent also celebrated his 20th year of military service in October.  We are all so proud of him.  He has worked very hard and will be continuing to do so. He figures he will stay in till the make him leave!!

We had a great year, we are expecting 2012 t be even better and we hope your family enjoys Christmas and has a spectacular 2012!! Bless you!

 The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon youand be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.  Number 7:12-15

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