Message to Mommies-to-be!

Still recovering physically after child birth & the stress of pregnancy, you are in awe to find out that it isnt over. It has only begun. You think that once you give birth your body will become yours again and you can finally rest. Ya Right! Think Again. Its now time to wake up every 2 hours no matter what time of the day and feed, change and soothe your baby.


If your breastfeeding then your body is all theirs still. After a normal vaginal birth it takes at least three weeks to recovery physically. This doesnt include if their was an episiotimy or tearing. Most doctors will stitch you up with disolvable stiches. Here is a Post Partum Care Kit for helping out with the pain and discomfort. {I wish I had known about this before labor}. You also have extreme mood swings that are caused by your hormones adjusting to not being pregnant anymore and having to tend to your babies needs. You could go through a period of baby blues or post partum depression. Baby blues is mainly you having to accept motherhood and dealing with the your hostility towards what is now expected of you. Their is a humans life that is dependent of you 24/7 no breaks, holidays or vacations for the rest of your life. Forever will you worry, wonder and stress about this life.

You will have intensified exhuation from sleep deprivation. This will shorten your patience and raise your fustration. You might feel embarrased, guilty or crazy for these feelings and thoughts but they are normal and expected from someone that has just given birth.{at least all other woman that have gone through this are with you!}. You will be physically drained and that might not get better for months! This usually makes you feel anger towards your partner for they didnt have to do sh**t and they still get this amazing baby! Even though they will say they had to deal with you. HA, if they only knew what it really takes. You will need support from your partner and family members.

Sometimes we feel as though its just easier to stay away from people and hide out for a little while with the newborn but if your having baby blues or even severe signs of depression its impiortant to get help and to get out and about. Have visitors call in advance before coming to see the baby. If you need your space dont be afraid to ask for it. It will pass and you will be able to enjoy this life that you created.