A message to parents who are too busy to get down and dirty with their kids...

It snowed in Georgia this week–and not just a little. What that means for anyone with children is that whatever you thought you were going to accomplish is now balled up on the floor right next to an incredibly large pile of wet pants, shirts, socks, scarves and gloves that need to be thrown back into the dryer for the third time today. 
PictureThere are perks to working from home; like staying in your PJ's and never having to wait in line for the bathroom. But what happens when school is canceled, your husband can't get his car out of the driveway and the six-hour window that you're typically given has now been reduced to the size of your bank account? Between the plethora of homework that the teachers thoughtfully planted in their backpacks upon the first real threat of dismissal and the constant interruptions to discuss snack options, scientific facts or solutions to problems that simply don't exist; it's quite obvious that any hopes you had of working from home has just come to a very abrupt and explosive finale.

There's a reason why they call it a snow day–and it isn't just because of the snow. It's a free passfrom life, and everything that your guilty little mind tries to keep you from enjoying. Forget making the beds, doing the laundry or anything else that you thought just couldn't wait one more day; it's snowing in the South, and there's a pretty good chance we won't see anything like this again for a very long time. So grab a sled, a cardboard box and your wide-eyed little monsters while you're still around to do it, because one of these days, those kids are going to grow up... And the only realthing they'll be able to hold onto as tightly as they did that sled is the memory of who was there with them.

And in case you missed your chance, just remember... Metaphorical sleds work just as good!