Passing the Afternoon with Homemade Fingerpaints

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[Editor's Note: You know that day when everything is going wrong and the kids are vomiting and you have a headache and you just want to curl up in bed for the next eight days? Elastagirl at My Incredible Family recently had one of those, but found a way to turn the day around. I admire her for that ability... and I took notes! -Jenna]

Messy Fun:

Homemade FingerpaintsWe came home and still had hours and hours of the afternoon to fill and we were all TV’d out….so we made homemade finger paint! Dash is modeling some here for us on his hand.

I stripped the boys down and sent them to the deck to paint on a giant strip of paper/the deck/themselves. Hey, its washable so I didn’t care! Then running through the sprinkler to rinse off and then a long hot bubble bath to warm up. Jammies on and supper made and somehow the afternoon passed and bedtime will be here soon. And hopefully this bad mood will shake off soon because I don’t like feeling so discouraged.

Continue reading for the rest of her day and the recipe for homemade finger paints.

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