Messy Grace

Oddly enough, mine is not a picture perfect life.

And I have no plethora of beautifully arranged photos to post here at Its Own Sweet Will for it to seem otherwise.

I have no hours to devote to photo arrangements.

Beautiful photos:  of tag sale gleaming crockery bowls, worn wooden tables handed down from my great grandmother, seemingly random tumbled displays of the generous bounty from our fertile fields.

There is no amber lit cane rocker next a spindle table holding an oil lamp and a well thumbed bible; a wood firejust oh so slightly fuzzy, crackling silent in the background.

Neither is my pantry perfect.  Streamlined.  Row upon shining row of jars labeled in my favorite font.  Every item stacked Just So; nary a convenience food in sight.

Gleaming rows of bottled tomatoes.

By Me.



There is rice-a-roni in my pantry.  And tins of pears (not bottled by me), and yes…..ramen....


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