Messy, Messy Kids

Messy, Messy Kids

I believe that kids should be messy.
They should be allowed to play in dirt.
They should dump a huge bucket of toys to find the perfect miniature character to fit the complicated plot unfolding from their imaginations (as long as they clean it up later).
I believe that a baby should be able to pour however many cups of water it takes onto their belly for them to figure out how a cup works.
I think it's okay to walk through mud barefoot.
I believe that it is perfectly acceptable to feed a tired baby saucy ravioli even if it gets smeared on his or her head.
Unfortunately, these ooey gooeys of childhood really gross Bubba out. It's ironic that he can shovel chicken poop and check cow afterbirth, but a kid's runny nose bothers him. He tolerates the mess, but sometimes has trouble seeing past it or ignoring it. The bulk of the messes, therefore, fall to me to clean up. While I don't relish dealing with all the wet pants and sticky hands, I believe that kids should be messy. What about you?


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