Methylation, Glutathione, and Vitamin B12 by Dr. Jerry Kartzinel

Another very interesting read regarding methylation,glutathione and Vit. B12.  According to Dr. Kartzinel, there is a link between the lack of consumption or production of these vitamins and a family history of schizophrenia, alcoholism, bi-polar disease, depression, attention deficit disorder, constipation, and autism. This makes me wonder about thyroid disorders. There are links between bipolar disorders and thyroid disorder. Many supplements suggested with someone suffering from thyroidal problems are these exact vitamins. I wonder if there is a correlate between the thyroid and autism.

The Methylation Pathway seems to be linked to many chronic diseases, including the autism that many children are diagnosed with. A “pathway” merely describes a factory that produces a product.  The Methylation factory produces glutathione similar to the way a Ford Factory produces pick up trucks.  Just like a truck factory requiring numerous steps to produce a finished product, the Methylation factory has lots of steps required before producing the finished product: glutathione.

Glutathione is very important in maintaining and restoring physical health, and even mental health.   We know that children with autism tend to have lower levels of glutathione when compared to neurotypical children.  We also know that families that genetically tend to have lower amounts of glutathione, that is, their factories just produce lower amounts of glutathione,  also tend to have problems with schizophrenia, alcoholism, bi-polar disease, depression, attention deficit disorder, constipation, and autism.  Glutathione is essential for protecting cells from toxins - it is our master anti-oxidant, and seems to play in FOCUS, CONCENTRATION, AND LANGUAGE.

We can actually increase our body’s ability to produce glutathione….even if we are genetically challenged!  Dr. Jill James proved that we can increase the production of glutathione by supplying our Methylation factories with necessary key ingredients.


Zoia Nusbaum



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