Mexican-Ukrainian Fusion???

If Mexican-Korean Fusion works, maybe Mexican-Anything Fusion can. Let’s test this theory with these Mexican Holubtsi (a.k.a. cabbage rolls).

This recipe fulfills my New Year’s Resolution since it’s good for me (brown rice, cabbage and lean poultry), it’s got Zumba in the seasonings AND it makes me feel good, like all things Ukrainian.

My grandfather (Gee Gee) came from the Ukraine as did the parents of my grandmother (Baba, the one who made such wonderful chicken soup). Ukrainian food (perogies, pyrizhky, holubtsi) takes me back to their kitchen and to my own childhood home.

The cabbage roll filling used here is a heated-up version of the traditional Ukrainian style. The cabbage is napa (Mexican-Ukrainian-Chinese Fusion???) and is uncooked, lending crunch and a mustardy flavor, something all self-respecting Ukrainians relish.

Where Ukrainian and Mexican meet is at the sour cream. Ermmm…well…Where Ukrainian and Tex-Mex meet is at the sour cream…but whatever…you MUST have it!

Use light sour cream, NOT fat-free. If you don’t like the light, try a different brand. Some are TERRIBLE, others, better (nothing beats the real stuff though, I know). I use Daisy Brand‘s Light Sour Cream, made of cultured cream, skim milk and vitamin A palmitate (no guar gum or modified cornstarch in sight).

Get the recipe for Mexican Cabbage Rolls here.

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