Mexico’s Bravest Mama: Town’s 20-year-old Female Police Chief

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Being a student? Stressful. Being a student and a new mother? Double stressful. Being a student, new mother, and the police chief of a Mexican town laden with drug violence? Unheard of -- that is until now.

PoliceMarison Valles Garcia is the new police chief of Mexican border town Parxedis Guadalupe Guerrero, a municipal of Chihuahua. Not only is she the town’s first female police chief, she’s the town’s 20-year-old female police chief. That’s correct. A young woman that couldn’t legally drink in the United States is defending one of the most violent areas in Mexico.

Valles Garcia, a criminology student and new mom, was sworn in Wednesday, October 20, making her the first police chief the Mexican municipal has had since July 2009 when the former chief was gunned down and killed. Valles Garcia is reportedly the only person to accept the position, leading to Periodista Digital’s release of the headline “Are there no men in Chihuahua?”

Despite some hesitant responses to the female chief, Valles Garcia is confident in her plans to take a less combative approach to her post -- her main focus being prevention within the drug plagued city.

"The weapons we have are principles and values, which are the best weapons for prevention,” Valles Garcia tells CNN. Valles Garcia says it is the obligation of the federal police and soldiers to go after the “malos” -- the bad ones. She believes her responsibility lies in preventing more from falling into the dangers of the drug world, saying, "We're going after the good ones, like children, parents, men and women who we have to organize so they don't fall prey to the temptation of crime, drugs and easy money.”

The police chief herself will have two bodyguards but does not plan on carrying a gun to further emphasize her less violent approach to guiding her 13 officer force.

While some question the naivety in her plans, she is certainly not naïve to the dangers her job presents. As Valles Garcia said in an interview with CNN en Español "Yes, there is fear. It's like all human beings. There will always be fear, but what we want to achieve in our municipality is tranquility and security."

What do you think of the future plans of “The Bravest Woman in Mexico”?


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