M.I.A. and Dealing With High Blood Pressure

Making my food my medicine and my medicine my food: Hippocrates say "make food your medicine and medicine your food".  It is one of David Wolfe's favorite sayings. Eating well has always been a strong suit for me, since I was a teenager. But I must admit a sweet tooth may be what's keeping me in trouble. I love ice cream and baked goods, especially cheesecake.  Thankfully I have no patience for baking so I settle for buying sweets on occasion.  Otherwise I would be baking to my heart's demise. A homemade smoothie or vegetable juice always start my day.  I have pinned some of my creations on Pinterest. If I can't drink my concoction at home, I take it to work in a mason jar or my Nutribullet cup.  I have never smoked and I rarely drink alcohol.  However, I find that hormonal changes and the current long, harsh winter has up the pressure (pun intended) and it is a daily struggle to eat less baked goods.  Thankfully, I'm not a binge eater and I gave up emotional eating a while ago.

Increase social interactions: I have begun going out more and socializing with my friends.  For example, a friend and I have partnered up to go to plays and musicals together. She realized that I was not getting out and I'm grateful for her insight here.  I am also friends with two wonderful ladies from my church to whom I'm very close. We are planning some fun activities in the coming months, including traveling.  I also gained a walking partner with whom I expect to step up my game.  I may even graduate to wogging (walking/jogging) as she is a runner and this may create some balance in our exercise relationship.  I read somewhere that social interactions is one way to help combat stress so I'm hoping that the increased social interactions will not only strengthen my bond with these lovely ladies but will also help to reduce the level of stress in my daily life.

Overall, my body is going to be what I make it.  I believe it is good to have a health professional oversee my health and well-being but I am no longer interested in surrendering my temple to someone else - other than Jesus.  My doctor is a caring and competent individual. I would not have stayed with him the last 7 years if he wasn't.  However, noBODY knows my body like I do.  It is time for me to take the lead and focus on maintaining a healthy body.

Below are several of the resources I have used over the years.  I refer to one or more of them regularly as I build my arsenal of natural and homemade remedies.  Hopefully, this list can help someone who may be on their own journey.

Body Ecology Diet and the Baby Boomer Diet  by Donna Gates.  This is where I learned about cultured vegetables and fermented foods as a whole. Because of Donna, I have developed a real love for Kimchi because it lead me to start watching the Kimchi Chronicles hosted by Marja Vongerichten.  I have also made my own cultured vegetables and plan to make more as well as kefir, on an ongoing basis.  Fermented foods are very beneficial to the health of digestive health.

David Wolfe's Longevity Now Program and his shopping website Longevity Warehouse where I can view many videos on making delicious and healthy concoctions, is one of my favorite resource.  I have also in the past subscribed to his forum Your Best Day Ever along with his newsletter by the same name.  One thing that I learned from David's program is how the correct nutrients can help in reducing calcium buildup in our bodies.

Young and Raw. I participate in their monthly smoothie and juice challenges via their Facebook page.  They provide many helpful recipes and pointers.  Group members originate from across the globe and provide priceless feedback through their own success stories and comments.


Amazon.com. There are lots of free books on juicing and smoothies, as well as other free or low costs books on health and well-being, available for download on your kindle or kindle app on your android phone.

FoodMatters.tv:  They are the producer of Hungry for Change.  This film really speaks my language.

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