Michael Jackson's Mother Gets Custody of Children

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Mainstream media sources report that Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson, 79, has received full custody of the King of Pop's children, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. aka Prince, Paris Michael Katherine, and Prince Michael Jackson II aka "Blanket," the youngest. Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of the two older children, has retained her parental rights and will have visitation.

Michael Jackson memorial service held at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

From Bitten and Bound, which reports that Katherine Jackson's attorney, L. Londell McMillan, appeared on The Early Show this morning discussing the agreement.  B&B also has this take on Rowe's opinion:

According to reports this morning, Rowe believes that the children should remain in the care of the family that they have known all of their lives. She does want to become part of their lives and will take this opportunity to begin to forge a relationship. The children have now been told that she is their biological mother. (Bitten and Bound)

Undoubtedly some in the gossip industry who've realized that Michael Jackson news is big business hoped the fate of Jackson's children would land in the middle of a sensational custody battle, but involved parties seem to have reached an amicable agreement. 

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Neither side made any demands that were rejected, the source said, and the arrangement was agreed to without contentious negotiation.

In his will, Jackson named his mother as guardian. Singer Diana Ross was listed as an alternative choice should his mother be unable to care for the children. Rowe has not seen the children in several years and at one time relinquished her parental rights.

During a period when she had visitation, she complained that she was forced to meet the children in hotel rooms in the presence of Jackson’s associates and could not make up for visits she missed.

The Times also reports that Rowe has not received any money as part of the agreement and that both sides have agreed to employ a child psychologist "to advise them on how, when and where Rowe’s visits should take place." A judge is expected to review and approve the agreement this Monday. 

From People magazine:

"Mrs. Jackson and the family are pleased this matter is resolved and was handled in a caring, thoughtful and courteous manner by the parties and their representatives," says a statement from Jackson's lawyers, L. Londell McMillan and Diane Goodman. "We were all united in our goals to do what is best for Michael's wonderful children, and both Mrs. Jackson and Debbie Rowe were on the exact same page. Accordingly, although important issues had to be resolved, this was no legal contest but rather simply a process doing the right thing for the right reasons." (People)

People magazine also has a quote from Rowe's attorney, Eric George, commending everyone for doing what's best for the children.

An earlier BlogHer post considered the potential tug-of-war over the children as well as the unseemliness of examining questions of parentage. Rowe met Jackson while working for Arnold Klein, the mega-star's dermatologist, who's been rumored to be the biological father of the two older children. Klein denies this. Rowe, who was married to Jackson briefly, has been quoted as saying she wanted to help Jackson have children. Jackson used a surrogate for his youngest child.

While other family members, such as Janet Jackson, have been considered as potential guardians in the media, there seems to have been a popular consensus that Katherine Jackson was the best choice.

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