Michael Procopio

Conference Events: 

While attending the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, Michael Procopio decided he had no interest in becoming a food critic when interning at The San Francisco Chronicle. After graduation, came to a deep understanding with himself that he didn't want to become a restaurant chef either.

Michael then wandered into the backstage television kitchens of Mollie Katzen, Martin Yan, and Jacques Pepin, where he was convinced that, while he loved cooking behind-the-scenes, he thought it might be more fun to do it in front of the camera. Much later, he somehow found himself trying to make risotto on Joanne Weir's cooking show, where he learned that it was not okay to say the word "colonic" when talking about de-veining shrimp. It has been his only food-related television appearance to date. Feel free to ask him about his other national television experience, wherein he declared himself against the colorization of classic films and got to have lunch on the set of Soul Train.

In 2006, Procopio accidentally fell into blogging, when his former college roommate volunteered him to write for KQED's food blog, Bay Area Bites. Since he couldn't think of a good excuse not to, he reluctantly agreed, discovered he loved writing, and has been at it ever since.

Today, Michael keeps his own blog, (Food for the Thoughtless), where anything and everything in his life is filtered down into a recipe, whether it be cranky children, gender-misidentified parrots, or the genuine desire to ensure that alcoholics get as much nutrition from their drinks as humanly possible.