Michelle Obama Announces Project to Fight Food Deserts

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In a move to further combat the childhood obesity epidemic in America, Michelle Obama today announced an effort to provide better access to healthy food to the estimated 13.5 million Americans who live in areas known as food deserts. Food deserts are neighborhoods where the residents have no access to healthy and affordable food. The USDA has a great tool for locating these deserts around the country. Eddie Gehman Kohan of Obamafoodorama talked to the White House about this afternoon's announcement, and filed this report:

First Lady To Announce Project to Combat Food Deserts, With 1,500 Markets Across US

The corporate giants have agreed to open or expand 1,500 stores in underserved communities--identified as food deserts--to make affordable, healthier food options more accessible to more than 9.5 million customers. The First Lady will speak about not only the health benefits of combating food deserts, but the jobs that these new projects will create in their communities.

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Image Credit: Screen Capture from Official White House Video

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