Michelle Obamas H+M Dress on the Today Show Gets My Vote

Fans of Matt Lauer and H+M? Michelle Obama and I could be besties.  

Picture 14

H+M Dress as worn on Today show

Did anyone catch the Mrs. Obama on the Today show in her 34.94 dress?  Now I am all for a bargain (and Matt Lauer), and I am very happy to see her promoting a discount dress on national TV.  Did you know that the presidents wife has to buy all of her own clothes?  Going out on a limb-she most likely did not peruse the racks, wait in line in the dressing room or feel fat as she looked into their dimly lit mirrors.  No.  She in fact used a stylist, who added sleeves to the sleeveless dress which retails for $34.95 at the chain.  Politics may not be my forte, however, there are a few things I did pick up from this interview, those being: 

1. So the price is fab, the fit is drab? Find a great tailor!  This should be in the constitution mamas.  They are not as expensive as you think they are, and can really take a bargain piece to a wow piece like that. Michelle made the executive decision to add sleeves, and sleeves she got.

2. Accessorize! Might be our favorite word here on 3HM, but check out the belt and the shoes..the shoes... The belt breaks up all those polka dots and shows us that Mrs. Obama has a great waist.  The pop of yellow in the shoes is a great way to stand out and make a statement.  I love her sense of style.  She maintains a sense of conservativeness yet also adds just a touch of edge.  Bi-partisanship style if you will.  

I vote thumbs up.  Yea or Nay?

Kate, Kimberly and Christina blog over at Three Haute Mamas.  Not so much about politcs;)


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