Michigan's "Personhood" Legislation Puts Women at Risk of Murder Investigations for Miscarriage

Women in Michigan are now faced with the possibility that their lawmakers will pass a "personhood" law. Michigan's (SB 13, HJR HH) defines a 10 week old fetus as an individual, which grants it all the rights of life. This essentially outlaws abortion outright, overturning Roe v. Wade. It also opens up all miscarriages to criminal investigation.

Michigan Personhood Legislation

Michigan's Fetal Personhood Bill is just one of many examples of new Anti-Choice legislation being used to make abortion harder if not impossible in Michigan.

In their quest, these lawmakers will be arming police officers and others without medical training to act out on their own personal biases. This law will create an atmosphere of fear for every pregnant woman and will put many innocent women and unborn infants under unnecessary stress.

When creating laws we as a society need to consider all the possibilities of how it could be abused, no matter how remote that may seem.

Some women, mostly the poor, experiencing perfectly natural problems during their pregnancies may, if this bill becomes law, hesitate to seek any medical help at all. It is hard enough to face losing a pregnancy without adding the fear of possible police investigation and threat of murder charges.

Lauren Shores suffered a miscarriage last August. She came to Michigan's capital from Central Michigan University to talk about how under a proposed Michigan GOP “personhood” bill she could have been the target of a murder investigation.

Interview by Bonnie Bucqueroux of Lansing Online News.

Laws making it difficult to get an abortion should not also make every miscarriage suspect.  As a mother of several daughters who have had miscarriages I am incensed!  The chances of a healthy woman in their childbearing years having a miscarriage ranges from 15-20%!

Miscarriages are not crimes; they are an act of nature and investigating miscarriages would be a huge and unethical waste of taxpayer dollars.

Reproduction is a personal medical issue that the government should stay out of. It is very wrong to create laws that not only force religious views on others but also take these personal medical decisions out of the hands of women and their doctors.

Michigan's "personhood" Legislation goes too far!

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