Mid-Life Mom with Autistic Child...carves out a New Future

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My name is Barbara Ward Finneran and Dennis selected me as the 41st person to be in his book.  He has asked me to explain the change I'd like to make.

My life is blessed. I have a beautiful family, wonderful friends and our needs are met. Sure, we struggle and I’d be ashamed to complain as people have it far worse then me.

 At midlife I craved metamorphosis. Change; to make the future course different from what it is. Change can be desired or unwanted. But it is always inevitable. The challenge therein is to create revision within myself to transform the world, - my world. While re-routing my goals I know I must still deal with reality. My reality is I am a wife, a mother and the sole provider for my family since my husband became disabled. A teacher - victim to economic cut backs. A designer and artist. Always, a dreamer!

The dream in my heart since my son’s diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is to redirect my creativity to produce videos for families coping with ASD. A place for parents to begin when life is not what you signed up for.  The series will enlighten the adults.  It will provide hope. They can understand the manner in which Autistic children learn. For Autism is not a disease - our kids just think differently.

Once you hear “Your child has ASD”, your life has changed. It's a journey through the silence that begins with running from the jagged edges of a broken heart. A walk you can only understand if you've waited 34 months to hear "mama", or you've been told "he will never attend a real school because his IQ is 68". (Yet at three, my son could read but not talk.)

My change begins with finding true fulfillment by using my gifts to make a difference in the life of other families struggling with Autism. It continues with Dennis supporting these efforts. With the sharing of his talents, "know how", and connections -- my dream and my change will become reality. Stay tuned...



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