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Darryle Pollack

From BlogHer 2009 when I was one of very few mid-life bloggers attending; to 2011 when I read a Voice of the Year post about women becoming invisible after 50; to 2012 when I participated on a panel about Blogging into Mid-life; I've seen the blogosphere beginning to explode with energy stemming from my own demographic.  

There is a huge movement of women mid-life and older sharing their voices online and connecting;  one new vibrant community, Generation Fabulous, was literally birthed out of our 2012 session.  Our numbers and visibility are increasing; and there are many issues of interest and import to us--including our marketability to sponsors, our need to learn to use our muscle as a group; and our desire to model for women of all ages how to live authentic lives at any age.  I think my perspective would be ideal to lead a session; ranging fromwhere we've been;  what's happening now; and all the possibilities that exist in the future.

I also think this session would be of interest to many of the younger (mom) bloggers who are close on our heels; and want to know and be inspired by what's ahead for them.