Mid life transformation -- Day 1

I made it through day one without computer games.  I managed to take all my medicines and I left the house.  Three simple actions that I've been struggling to complete.  Today I was able to manage them all.  One day at a time is true.  Once today I had to decide that I could stay off the computer games for an hour that was all I could agree to.   Even if it was one hour at a time; I made it!  

I realized that I can make decisions about how I spend my time.  Duh, I know.  Still I haven't been doing that.  I've just been drifting along.  No more drifting - I've decided to live my life.  

Best part of today was a beautiful autumn walk.  I got some great photos.

Hardest part of the day is night time after my husband is asleep (9:00 pm).  I processed the photo's, spent some time on Pintrest, and uploaded images to zazzle.com (www.zazzle.com/GardenRoom ) so I can make some more products.  Now it is 1:00 am, time for me to sleep.