Mid-Week Happenings

Not much going on, other than the same old stuff. Course work, blog posts, editing my short story, review book reading. And of course all of the other stuff that goes on in a house. Cleaning, laundry, small repairs. Exciting, I know.

I miss having a working camera. Not being able to go out on a daily basis and just take pictures is kind of sad. I'm missing so many beautiful changes in nature, that the upcoming fall season is bringing. Getting the camera repaired is not going to happen because it will cost more than the camera is worth. Hopefully things will look up soon.

I need to get back to listening to music everyday. Whether it is in the background to my day, over my lunch break or a dedicated chill-out hour of music listening. Music gives me peace & it's calms me. Turning up my favourites & singing until my soul is refreshed, needs to be done on a regular basis.

My yoga & meditation has been suffering, as of late. I'll be honest & say I just haven't made time for them. I do not feel better, I feel worse. Which means, back to it. Wish me luck!!

How is your week so far?

Song of the Day: Butterfly - ButterflyButterfly, Mariah Carey, 1997, Sony Music Entertainment Inc. See Butterfly. One of my favourite Mariah Carey songs. (Links may not work in all countries.)

Till next time,



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