Mid-Week Happenings

Complete randomness.

Sometimes I wish that some weeks were 3 days or 11 days or 6 days on the calender. Just for a little variety.

Do you ever look at the calender and say, "Oh, it's Wednesday again. It seems like it was just Wednesday a few days ago"? I seem to do that far too much. Not good because lately it seems to be out of monotony. Not that sameness is bad because at least I know what's coming but change is good as well.

On an good note to me and my household. The bird feeder is finally being used. I guess we just had to be patient. Although I think the birds are a little freaked out, by the humans watching them in such close proximity. Oh well, they'll get use to us soon enough. I'll try & get pictures to post.

I do think that I'm kind of a bird watcher at heart. If I had the time, resources & expertise I would go on tours, join a club or something to that effect. I'm sure they have some kind of bird club in my city but I really need to focus on my writing & not get distracted by the feathered ones. I've even seen documentaries where people go to different islands and rain forests around the world & go on bird watching vacations. I think I would really enjoy it. It seems like it would be fun & relaxing at the same time.

How's your week going so far?

Till next time,