Middle Child Syndrome...as a Mom!

This mother's middle child syndrome is kicking in full force while raising her daughter that is also a middle child!  Sensitive?  Yep.  Crys easily?  Yep.  Loves unconditionally?  Yep.  Am I referring to the mother or child?  Both! 

Daily I struggle to be more compassionate with my middle child.  Memories from my childhod creap into my mind and I realize that she is me!  Honestly, who knew that two personalities could be so similar?!?  It is crazy how much we can butt heads because of it.  It's quite comical at times, as a matter of fact.

She is only 11 now and I fear the teenage years.  I remember what I put my mom through...it wasn't that bad.  Wearing your emotions on your sleeve like we do is our own fault.  We love to be loved and hate to be hated.  That's not that bad, is it???


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