Midlife and Tattoos: Why I Ink

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But some of you don't and will no doubt tell me that it is a bad idea to join the ranks of The Inked. This post is to acknowledge that your concern is valid and to thank you for it. It is also to let you know that I fully understand my one person crusade will not change eons of negative attitudes toward tattoos. 

I love the way ink looks on the body, maybe not the scary and gross ones, but generally...I love them. As my skin ages, the tattoo will morph and age as well. Some day it will likely become a wrinkled mess, I realize that. Have you seen the skin of old people? It is already a wrinkled mess, often filled with liver spots and bruises, because old people bruise easily - that is just what happens to our bodies, all of us.

If I'm lucky, I'll go into my twilight years with much of my memory in tact (I hope), so when my grandchildren ask what that mark on my skin is, I can tell them that it was once a beautiful butterfly that reminded me of all the people I loved who battled cancer. "And the other blob, grandma? What did that one mean?"  That was a compass, each way point bearing the initials of my family, so that no matter where I might roam or what direction life would take me, those way points always point toward people I love - people who hold the true meaning of 'home' to me.

When I'm 80 and my skin decides to make my ink more of a puzzle than a portrait, I'll still know what they mean. I'm o.k. if they won't look attractive, I'll be 80 - I'll be farting in public, wearing an adult diaper and pondering the early bird special for supper at 3:00pm. With any luck, I'll be conspiring with my grand kids to give their parents gray hair, stealing the car keys to go on a joyride or giving my own children headaches when I try my hand at shoplifting for the first time. 

Hmmm...perhaps these tattoos DO lead to nefarious thoughts and actions. Well, I've got another 40-ish years to come up with a few doozies!

Please stay tuned for the next installment of Melissa Ink's, where you'll {hopefully} see pictures of my next memory in the making.



This may have been typed under duress. Sometimes my brain and fingers don't agree and havoc insues. Your guess is as good as mine as to what it all means.

I'm usually found at http://alienbody.blogspot.com...I think.


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