MidLife Mediocrity

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Mid-Life Mediocrity

 By Rhonda Chaney-  Sometimes life is just too demanding to handle everything that has to get done in a day.  Being a working mom…well it’s like living a constant state of mediocrity!

 Although I really try, I’m not the best at anything…not the best wife, friend, mom, nor the best entrepreneur.  Not even close.  Life pulls at me from too many angles.  Maybe mediocrity is the best I can expect if I try to do it all.

 I have a lot of energy, work hard, and try to maximize every minute of every day.  But yet it never gets done.  “It” is the to-do list.  You probably have one – most people do – and maybe yours is like mine.  It has a life of it’s own.  It grows at night when I finally decide to sleep.  Boom!  I wake up and there’s more to do!  And the old “to-do’s” don’t get checked off as fast as the new “to-do’s” get added!  That story never ends well.

 I spend too many hours each day chasing too many goals…and often times I arrive at my destination only to discover I ran in the wrong direction and it’s a block wall instead of a pot of gold.  But what do I do?  I keep running because I believe if I move fast enough I’ll get through all the mistakes faster – and I’ll achieve success sooner.  I don’t know if that makes sense…it’s the words of a stressed-out, sleep deprived, spread too thin, working mom!

 Too bad we can’t be gremlins…add water and duplicate ourselves.  That would get the to-do list done!  But, that’s not gonna’ happen.  So I’ll do what every working mom does… step up and tackle another day of working hard to achieve excellence - which will no doubt result in only one more day of mediocrity.