Mike deaths

          "I love you once, twice, I love you, I love you more than beans and rice."
When I heard this "poet", citing his wife, Susan, Michael read to her on their wedding night, my eyes filled with tears, the pain gathered in my heart. Their love story is not soshocking or vibration, which is normal, but really touching.
A Thanh Hoa woman and a man mourning his beloved in a friend's funeral, met each other, and said goodbye to the other parts are also funeral, unfortunately, in their ownfuneral.
I remember the final scene, in a quiet noon, they sat in their yard and do some casual conversation, "Mike, you will fix the fence, my post office box," Susan asked him,
"Tomorrow ......
"Oh, tomorrow, tomorrow?" She smiled and patted his head.
Both of them happy.
However, there is no Mike tomorrow.
Department of Health Last season, we get more than just plot.
Who can say that we learn of any soap opera?

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