The observation room at swimming lessons

I enrolled my five year old daughter in swimming lessons this summer.  I figured it would help her to burn off some energy and to introduce her to the water.  The swimming facility is an indoor pool and it is very nice.  The class size ranges from 4-6 kids.  In my daughter's class, there is one other little girl and two little boys. 

So far, she has learned to put her face in the water and sort of doggie paddle.  Actually this is progress from the spring session.  At that session, she had trouble putting her face in the water, was choking on pool water and was splashing the instructor when he wasn't looking.  Needless to say, she had to repeat the same class. 

The temperature of the indoor pool is like a sauna.  The humidity in that building has to be 100 percent.  It is so hot, that all of the parents there to watch their sons and daughters have to congregate in a small observation room which is air conditioned.  There are a variety of parents in the observation room with very different personalities. 

One of the mothers that I talk to on a regular basis has a daughter in the class.  She is outgoing and is very blunt.  She doesn't sugarcoat things and says what she thinks.  She is a commodity trader for a living.  I do not know what that is and am afraid to ask. She once told people who were standing in front of the observation window to move it when the rest of us parents were too afraid.

There is another father of one of the little boys in the class.  He is one of the most involved father I have ever met.  He told me he wants to enroll his son in a new activity every six weeks while his son in young so when he is 7-8 he can choose an activity to focus on  (Ok.........choose your path by seven, that seems young to me) He also has all of the latest information on free activities for kids in the community and can tell you the dates and times with a click of his Iphone.

There is one more father in the room who simply sits there and does not say anything at all. The look on his face says "I can't believe this is how I get to spend my evening".  Sometimes I think the same thing.  "I can't believe I spent money on these swimming lessons when I could teach my daughter to put her face in the water in my bathtub at home". 

But it seems like a milestone that most children participate in.  So we will just keep swimming


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